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Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction (September 2023)

“Dear Facebook Friends”


Writers’ Stories in Motion: Healing, Joy, and Triumph (Peter Lang, 2020)

“Writing with Iron”


Penumbra (2020)

“Every Time”


Ruminate (Summer 2019)

“Eating Lessons”        


The Normal School (June 2018)

“Word Music: A Discussion with Brian Turner and Benjamin Boone”


r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal (April 2018)

“Grade School Fashion Faux Pas”


The Normal School (Fall 2016)

“Dead Body Language”


Show Me All Your Scars: True Stories of Living with Mental Illness (In Fact Books, 2016)

“Goodbye, Suicide”


Scintilla Magazine (Spring 2016)

“Chain-Link Fences and Barbed-Wire Regret”


Crab Creek Review (Fall 2014)

“Babysitter of the Year”


The Blotter Magazine (December 2013)

“An Open and Shut Case”


Sassafras Literary Magazine (September 2013)

“Five Photos, Nine Lives”


Matador Network (March 2013)

“On Skype, Narcissism, and Long-Distance Showering”


I-Magazine (Fall 2012)

“Ego Rider”


In the Grove: An Homage to Andrés Montoya (Spring 2008)

“Memory 1”


inside english (Spring 2007)

“From Part-Time to Tenure-Track: How to Get Hired for a Full-Time Gig”

(co-author; awarded ‘Article of the Year’)


Teaching English in the Two-Year College (May 2005)

“Punk Power in the First-Year Writing Classroom”


 In Print (Spring 2005)

“Punk Rock and Writing: Snapshots from the Young Writers’ Symposium”


California Stories Uncovered: Writing Our Heritage, Our Communities, Our Promise (Spring 2005)

“Community Memory in the Central Valley”


dis*course (Fall 2004)

“An Alternative to Dreading ‘The Stack’”


inside english (Spring 2004)

“Selling Out or Buying In? The Journey of a Working-Class Punk Infiltrating the Academy”


In the Grove: California Poets and Writers (Spring 2000) 

“Editor’s Note”


Poetry in a Season of Love (June Jordan’s Poetry for the People Series, 1994)

“Bible Study Blowjob”

“Inside Out”

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